Found in 2011, Tup Webs is a sophisticated web design and advanced service providing company based in Sri lanka with head office located at Kadawatha. Innitialy, we expanded our business within Sri Lanka and considering the years of experiance now we are partners with the leading companies located in USA, Netherland and Italy. Since year 2012, been able to work with variety of clients we now maintain over 50 online customers, which leads us to be one of the trusted online solution providers for the businesses.

As we are a professional team of website designers, developers and digital strategists, we offer reliable results which create potential customers through our well built solutions our company. We entrust to accustom the client's requirements and willingness makes us the ideal web solutions provider. in fact, towards our own growth and high customer esteem, our main intention is to benifit our customers by focusing on their goals and ideas through our professionalism and experiance.


Digital marketing strategies are essential to take advantage of growing opportunities from digital marketing. Depending on the scale our business, our strategies involve multiple goals and a lot if moving parts. We follow basic five strategies.

1. Setting a goal

2. Creating a marketing funnel

3. Developing a call to action

4. Creating an effective lead magnet

5. Driving Traffic

Having strategies help us to know what to focus on and lead to a rapid business growth.

Having a website assists us to accomplish many different marketing strategies. It helps our consumers to know what our business is for and what we offer, hence it help you to reach us. In addition, having a website is cost effective; having accessible 24hrs and 7 days for the customers, capable to tell the consumers why they should trust us and it allows us to market our business easily.

As we know there are main issues that a web developer might face when designing a website, such as Lack of SEO, No clean code, increasing the expenses throughout the developments, requirements are unclear, high security bugs and lack of user friendliness. Yet we ensure minimum issues by our experts’ piece of work and years of professional experiences.

Our professional experts provide our customers with customized solutions. We dedicate to convert your idea into a successful IT product. We clearly don’t involve any fixed rate but charge just for the service we provide you. According to our customers’ requirements the package may change. In brief, according to different customer’s different requirements the price package will subject to changes.


Skilled Team

We ensure to provide you with professional services by our experts in many areas such as visual designing, UK, SEO and etc. we perform the entire process of web designing starting from meeting the client to uploading the site to the server is performed solely by our professionals.

24/7 Support

Customer Security and Integrity is our foremost priority. Hence, we provide the best quality services with 24hr/7 technical supports. Our staff is dedicated to answer all your questions whenever you are needed.

Highest UI / UX

We follow both User Experience Design and User Interface which is extremely important for web designing and necessarily work closely together.

Best Price

Our motive is t provide our customers with premium services. We use our years of experience and professional knowledge to bring your idea to a reality. We involve the best package charged just for the service we provide you. Yet, we offer you a lifetime warranty for the IT product we have produces, just for you.